Do not throw away your head rotors, injectors, diesel and hydraulics plungers.
¡ We can rebuild them! , in TURBO DIESEL LTDA we give them a new  and long life to all kinds of mechanics components.
We apply them the most advanced technology and a special treatment based on hard chrome, in order to the components work again with a useful life until three times more than new ones.

You pay big amounts of money to buy new components, at the moment you invest in rebuilding, your expenses go down from 40% to 80% and you get components as efficient as the new ones.
The rebuilt mechanics components are genuine too but you get them to lower prices.

TURBO DIESEL LTDA has the highest quality standards, by this way you will be sure to count with 100% of quality in your rebuilt components and with a more lasting life.

Many years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers into Colombia and abroad guarantees our work, confirm by yourself, send to us your used mechanics components, we will return them to you totally renewed and ready to work.
We assured you effective results.

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Barranquilla - Colombia